Regulatory Framework for Regenerative Medicine in India

  • Vishnu Priya Cherukuri Andhra University
  • SSND Balakrishna Ch Student
  • Meghana Golla Andhra University
  • Sree Greeshma Swetha Konagala Andhra University
  • V L D Sai Swetha Penugonda Andhra University
  • Sravanthi Addanki Andhra University


Regenerative medicine is a promising field of approach to repair or regenerate human cells, tissue or organs that have been damaged by trauma, disease, or congenital issues. Regenerative medicine is used when the body is incapable to heal itself. Stem cell and gene therapies are key components to Regenerative medicine, as they open the door to unique therapeutic applications. Stem cells are special human cells that are commonly found in different organs and tissues including the blood, brain, bone marrow, skin, muscle, heart, and liver tissues. These cells have the potential to develop into different types of cells such as skin cells, muscle cells, brain cells, and nerve cells. Regenerative medicine may improve your health and quality of life in the future with many new therapies for organ failure, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, chronic heart diseases, dental injuries and so on. Over the past two decades, cell therapies and gene therapies have made increasing public attention. So, there is a need to form a clear regenerative medicine regulatory framework in India. In this article, it is presented with different applications, challenges and regulations of regenerative medicine in India.

Keywords: Regenerative Medicine, Gene Therapies, Stem Cell therapy


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