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International Journal of Drug Regulatory Affairs (IJDRA) is a broad-based journal giving leading international coverage of all aspects of Pharmaceutical Sciences. It publishes high quality original research & reviews. By advertising in IJDRA, you can reach the targeted audiences worldwide. Your product information disseminates internationally with comparatively low cost budget.


Regulatory Affairs professionals /Scholars, Patent agents, IPR / F&D / R&D professionals, Pharmacologists; toxicologists; Pharmaceutical researchers; Pharmacists; Clinicians, Analysts, Medical and Health Sciences etc.

Advertisement Policy:

While advertisements are crucial to this journal to be able to keep all content free for everyone, ethical considerations are in place to ensure the integrity of the journal and its content:

  • "Pop-up" and "banner" ads appear on a random, rotating basis. The advertiser has no control or input over the pages where their ads appear.
  • The Editorial Board has full and final approval over the content of all advertisements.
  • Advertisers will never be shown any manuscripts or other content prior to publication.

This Journal carries an advertisement, which generates income, but journal not be dominated by advertisements, and advertising must not be allowed to influence editorial decisions. Journal follows advertising policies as per International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

Advertising and Special Services Contact Information:

Dr. Jitendra Badjatya
Phone: +91-7096160846


Company: Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS)

Description: The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) is the largest global organization of and for those involved with the regulation of healthcare and related products, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biologics and nutritional products. Founded in 1976, RAPS helped establish the regulatory profession and continues to actively support the professional and lead the profession as a neutral, non-lobbying nonprofit organization. RAPS offers education and training, professional standards, publications, research, knowledge sharing, networking, career development opportunities and other valuable resources, including Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC), the only post-academic professional credential to recognize regulatory excellence. RAPS is headquartered in suburban Washington, DC, with chapters and affiliates worldwide.



Contact: Amy Fisher, Vice President, Engagement, Marketing & Member Development


Company Name: Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS)

Event: RAPS Euro Convergence 2023

Description:  Convening 10-12 May in Amsterdam, RAPS Euro Convergence is the premier annual European conference where the most senior medical device, IVD, and pharmaceutical regulatory professionals convene to learn, network, and share best practices that foster excellence—personally and professionally. With an extensive education programme curated exclusively by European regulatory leaders, it is the top destination for regulatory professionals to gain insights and exchange ideas about the most pressing deadlines, topics, challenges, and opportunities across the European healthcare community. While the event focuses on the region’s greatest needs, RAPS Euro Convergence brings global perspectives on implications across the entire healthcare product landscape.

Website Link:

Email id & contact:


Company Name: Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS)

Event: RAPS Convergence 2023

Description:  Convening 3-5 October in Montreal, RAPS Convergence is the largest and most well-recognized annual gathering of regulatory professionals and innovators in the world. Convergence brings together representatives from industry, global regulatory bodies, and research, academic and

clinical organizations that are directly involved in managing the regulatory process and aligning science, regulation, and business strategy. The event is designed to educate and empower professionals about the ever-evolving healthcare product regulatory environment within an interactive forum

that facilitates community exchange, connections, and knowledge sharing.

Website Link:

Email id & contact:






























Company: Eminence Business Media

Event: 5th Annual Pharma Manufacturing & Automation Convention 2023

Description: This event serves as a nexus for industry leaders, professionals, and technology pioneers to converge and explore the dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical manufacturing and automation

Venue: Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre; 5th October 2023- 8:30AM & 06th October 2023- 6:30PM

Email ID:

Event Website:

Contact: Abhay Dave; +91 76663 45961


Company: Eminence Business Media

Event: Pharma Impurity Conclave 2023 

Description: In response to the urgent concern plaguing the pharmaceutical industry, Eminence Business Media takes immense pride in announcing the highly anticipated Pharma Impurity Conclave 2023, a symposium dedicated to solving the stubborn challenges by complying with the esteemed pharma fraternity, on the 7th and 8th of September.

Venue: Hyderabad; 7th-8th September 2023- 8:30AM to 6:30PM

Email ID:

Event Website:

Contact: Shravan Nair; +91 75176 72770

  1. Pharma Regulatory Conclave 2023

Company: Eminence Business Media

Event: Pharma Regulatory Conclave 2023.

Venue: Hilton, Goa. 05th July 2023- 8:30AM to 06th July 2023- 6:30PM

Description: Complying to ever evolving global requirements of emerging markets and meeting regulatory expectations of well evolved landscape is vital to maintain the safety & efficacy of the new & existing drugs, and accuracy of product information. Eminence Business Media acknowledges this need and after conducting several successful conferences, liked and appreciated by pharma fraternity, we are coming up with the inaugural program Pharma Regulatory Conclave 2023 in Goa.

Event Website:

Email ID:

Contact: Shravan Nair; +91 7517 672 770

Event: The 3rd Annual Cleaning Validation 2023 - A Practical Approach on the 24th & 25th of August 2023 and Pharma Impurity Conclave 2023 on the 7th & 8th of September 2023 was a grand success.
Please find the attached post-event article along with the photo for the 3rd Annual Cleaning Validation 2023 - A Practical Approach
























Company Name: BlueTech Media

Event: Hosting Unannounced Audits & Response to 483

Description: This workshop will be focused on addressing challenges faced by global, corporate & site professionals before and during a regulatory audit. The individuals will be exposed to the regulatory expectations & best practices for training, preparing, responding during hosting an Unannounced & announced audit?

The workshop modules would be encompassing the global regulatory expectations such as USFDA, EU, PIC/s, HC, Singapore HPA, PMDA Japan, ANVISA, GCC, MCC South Africa, WHO, TGA not limited to mentioned agencies.

A key aspect of this recommendation is the mandatory requirement of unannounced audits for all manufacturers certified under one of the European medical device directives (AIMDD, MDD, IVDD) at least once in every third year.

Website Link

Email id & / 7718843607

Registration Link:




Company: Virtue Insight
Event: 6th Annual Pharma Regulatory Summit 2023
Venue: Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Mumbai, India

Description: 6th Annual Pharma Regulatory Summit 2023 brings together leading global pharmaceutical industry professionals and regulators to share their insights on technologies, approaches, and solutions that will drive innovation and quality for the medicines delivered to patients worldwide. This interactive setting with expert-led regulatory and industry presentations and forums will ensure pharmaceutical industry professionals are well-prepared to develop and apply innovative solutions in today’s global regulatory environment.

Event Website:
Email: Kavitha:
Company: Virtue Insight
Event: 14th Annual Clinical Trials Summit 2023
Venue: Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Mumbai, India

Description: Clinical Trials Summit 2023  is a 2-day conference that provide a platform to discuss on the futuristic advancements in Clinical Trials and clinical research. This event opens discussion of timely topics of mutual theoretical and practical interest for clinical trial investigators who are developing new drugs and biologics. This ground breaking platform continues the conversation between business, academics, patient advocacy, and regulatory agencies to discuss new methods and solutions to statistical challenges relevant to the design and analysis of Clinical Trials collaboratively in the real world. It is high time that we look into innovative strategies, new technologies, effective and quality collaborations to address these issues, which can cater to the needs of the patient and the industry.
Event Website:
Email: Kavitha:




Company: Informa Markets

Event Name: Pharma Extractables & Leachables

Date: 23rd – 24th November 2023

Venue: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Description: The 4th Edition of Extractable and Leachable Summit will be a platform for industry experts and professionals to share their knowledge, network, and learn about the latest trends in E&L through live speaker sessions, workshops, and discussions. It will be highly fruitful as the participants will learn practical aspects of E&L with the use of case studies, hand on exercises, and Q&A. The 1-day workshop and 1-day conference will discuss E&L from a 360-degree view covering all aspects of E&L from R&D, formulation, testing, and packaging to regulatory, quality, medical devices, and data analysis.

Download Brochure:

Contact details: Ruchi Shah | +91 99202 33465 |




Company: Hubplus Events


- Pharma Regulatory Affairs: 8th & 9th of October 2023 (HYBRID)

- Medical Device and IVD Regulations: 10th & 11th of October 2023 (HYBRID)

- eCTD Training: 10th of October 2023 (ONSITE)

- Pharmacovigilance Training: 1st & 2nd of November 2023 (ONLINE)

Venue: Hybrid (both onsite and online), at the Triumph Plaza Hotel in Cairo, Egypt this year.

Description: AfriSummit is back on-site at Triumph Plaza Hotel in Cairo, Egypt, & Broadcasted Live for virtual attendees, in its 3rd Edition An insightful Regulatory summit with over 300 professionals as attendees including regional governmental officials & industry experts AfriSummit: “For A Healthier Africa” AfriSummit is back, in its 3rd edition, and it will hybrid (both onsite and online), at the Triumph Plaza Hotel in Cairo, Egypt this year. 

AfriSummit 2023 is a prominent summit dedicated to addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the African continent in pharma and medical device regulations. It is a platform where leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, scholars, and activists come together to discuss, strategize, and collaborate on shaping Africa's regulations of pharma and medical device/medtech. Through sharing knowledge, workshops, trainings, and networking opportunities, as well as panel discussions, AfriSummit 2023 seeks to inspire and mobilize African leaders and stakeholders to take proactive steps towards creating a prosperous and a healthier Africa.

Event Website:

Email:;  Conatct: +971 4 299 9398