• Ankita Raturi
  • Ganesh Bhatt
  • Preeti Kothiyal


Poor water solubility and slow dissolution rate are issues for majority of upcoming and existing biologically active compounds. The aim of present work was to increase the dissolution rate of Rosuvastatin Calcium, a poorly water soluble drug and hence improve its oral bioavailability by Nanosuspension technology. Nanosuspension is new carrier free colloidal drug delivery system with nano sized particles below 1000 nm, and considered as a great drug delivery technique to enhance the drug dissolution and solubility. In the present work Nanosuspension is made by nanoprecipitation technique in the presence of sodium lauryl sulfate as surfactant and PVPK-30 as stabilizer. Prepared Nanosuspension was evaluated for its particle size study, in vitro dissolution study and characterized by Screening Electron microscopy (SEM).

Different concentrations of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and PVPK-30 were evaluated. All formulations were in the nano size and showed marked improvement in dissolution and solubility compared to pure drug of micron size. Finally it was concluded that formulating poorly soluble drugs in the form of Nanosuspension would be a promising approach in delivery of poor water soluble drugs by oral route in a simple and effective way.

Keywords: PVPK-30, HMG-CoA, Rosuvastatin calcium, Nanosuspension.


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