• Prabodh M.
  • Chaitanya Prasad K.
  • Ashish S.
  • Suthakaran R.
  • Abhijit K.


Intellectual property protection is a one type of protection to the innovator from their creative efforts. On November 1, 1991, the Indonesian Parliament passed Law No. 6/1989 on Patents. The new law came into effect on August 1, 1991. The patenting system in Indonesia is discussed using some recent statistics and their fees, patent exclusivity, litigation, grace period. As of 1989, there have been over 13,000 applications for temporary patent registration, 96% of which were of foreign origins. None of the applications were denied, were ever granted because no patent Law existed. In this paper discussed brief introduction about Indonesia patent system.

Keywords: Indonesia; Patent filing; New Patent law; Compulsory license; Residential and non-residential requirements.


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