• Zakir Foziyah
  • Manvi Singh
  • Zeenat Iqbal


Ophthalmic route is one of the most promising delivery systems for the treatment of eye ailments. Delivery of medicaments to anterior segment of the eye is an easy task. However with the rising number of posterior segment diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration etc. delivery to the target has become a challenging task. A number of scientists have tried various approaches to accomplish the objective. Novel drug delivery system is an effective strategy to combat anterior and posterior eye ailments. In addition, the technique improves the pharmaceutical and pharmacological performance of the drug molecule. The advent of nanotechnology and its use in devising newer and effective ocular systems has added impetus to ocular therapy. However the need of the hour is to create stable as well as non-toxic systems which are able to be used for chronic therapies. The role of various novel delivery stratagem such as nanoparticles, nanomicelles, liposomes, niosomes, dendrimers in ocular drug delivery has been discussed in addition to their recent advances in the area.

Keywords: Novel Drug Delivery, Ocular, Nanoparticles.


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