• Pravin Kumar Sharma
  • Pankaj Kumar Sharma
  • Gajanan N Darwhekar
  • Birendra Shrivastava


Nowadays, novel fast dissolving oral films (FDF) have come in existence as an alternative dosage form in comparison with tablet, capsules, syrup and other oral dosage forms with respect to patient convenience and compliance. Fast dissolving oral films are helpful to paediatric and geriatric patients who experience difficulties in swallowing traditional oral solid-dosage forms. The FDF drug delivery systems are solid dosage form which disintegrate or dissolve within seconds when placed in the mouth cavity without need of water or chewing. FDF provide better drug dissolution, faster onset of action, bypassing the first pass metabolism of drugs and thus enhance their oral bioavailability with reduced dosing frequency. These formulations are suitable for cough, cold, sore throat, allergenic conditions, nausea, pain, hypertension and CNS disorders. The present review provides the details about the recent advancement in design and development of oral fast dissolving film.

Keywords: Fast dissolving oral film, Bioavailability, Solvent casting technique, Plasticizer.


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