• Vikaas Budhwaar
  • Yogesh Rohilla
  • Manjusha Choudhary
  • Prateek kumar


India is a huge market for medical devices and is increasing constantly for the last few years. The registration certificate and import license is mandatory for a manufacturer of India who wishes to import any medical device in India. If a company which wants to imports its medical devices in India does not have a registered office in India it needs Indian agent authorized by CDSCO, to do so. Duly filled form-10 is required to be submitted for import license, while form-44 duly filled is required to be submitted for marketing authorization of a new medical device or its re-registration. The review focuses on regulation concerned to the registration procedures import of a new medical device in India with latest amendments in the regulation concerned.

Keywords: Medical devices, Regulation, Import, Registration


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