Understanding the globally harmonized system of classification and Labeling of Chemicals-The Purple Book

  • Bayya Subba Rao Faculty


Global Harmonized System (GHS), relating to hazard chemicals, is a process of making a regulation among countries uniform to the extent possible so as to benefit an industry to export its products to several countries with one communication system.  On one side, the system is helpful to develop communication as labeling and material safety data sheets, and on the other side is helpful for the personnel in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in using chemicals carefully, especially hazardous.  Such international guidelines are believed to be the most reliable information so that the end user of hazard chemicals is confident enough in handling and using. The current article is a brief understanding of the guideline, an attempt, how the hazard chemicals are being classified, communicated as labels, symbols and material safety data sheets.

Keywords: Global Harmonized System (GHS), Chemicals, Communication, Labeling, Symbols, MSDS, Hazard


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