The need for Electronic Health Records (EHR) based Clinical Decision Support (CDS) in developing countries like India

  • Rengalakshmi Balasubramanian 9916239891


Electronic health records (EHRs), an integrated approach is gaining importance not only within healthcare organizations and with their related stakeholders but also with the clinical research studies. EHR-based clinical decision support (CDS) systems in clinical studies have been proven successful in many clinical studies. The World Health Organization has emphasised the necessity to revolutionise the healthcare system in all levels, from primary health care and community service to health care research and this started with the implementation of EHR services extensively in various health care systems. Further, American and European healthcare systems are keen in improving EHR-based measurements to enable interoperability for future integrations of multiple data sources, which in turn would prove beneficial in the global platform for not only to the provider, patient, and other healthcare stakeholders but also for clinical research studies. This paper discusses the EHR in clinical research, the challenges in the EHR, and the need for developing nations to adopt and develop EHR.

Keywords: Clinical Research; Clinical decision support (CDS); Electronic health records (EHR); Electronic Medical Records (EMR); Algorithms


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