Facemasks and COVID-19 prevention: to use or not to use

  • Abdel-Hady El-Gilany
  • Nesrine Saad Farrag


There are uncertainty and conflicting opinions about the effectiveness of facemasks in prevention of COVID-19 either alone or with other non-specific measures in different settings. However, their use was recommended and even enforced by authorities in different countries and situations. Availability, types, utilization and acceptability of facemasks at community level are crucial for their effects on COVID-19 mitigation. There is a lack of strong evidence either in favor of or against the wide scale use of facemasks by the general public. The World Health Organization initially advised general public not wear masks but later advised masks for everybody. This narrative review highlights all these controversies and summarizes the updated recommendations.

Keywords: COVID-19, facemasks, medical masks, cloth masks, respirators


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