The Shift Towards Generic Medicine: A Pragmatic Approach by Indian Doctors

  • Chandra Prakash Sharma Surgeon, Military Hospital YOL Cantt. Himachal Pradesh
  • Pankaj Kumar Gogoi Surgeon, Military Hospital Guwahati, Assam
  • Satyajit Mishra Surgeon, Level-II Hospital UNMSN
  • Pooja Sundriyal GD Matron, Military Hospital YOL Cantt. Himachal Pradesh


The pharmaceutical industry worldwide has witnessed a significant positive shift in recent years. In India, the discourse surrounding generic medicines has gained momentum, albeit with some challenges. The cost of research and development invested in the development of a drug makes it costly and unaffordable for most of the patients.

The Government of India has made various steps to introduce affordable drugs. However, it has not become very popular amongst patients. Various doubt and lack of confidence among doctors and patients regarding potency, efficacy, and quality is still a concern. There is a need for correct awareness to be spread amongst doctors and patients regarding generic medicine. The pharmaceutical industry also needs to be in the picture and promote positive awareness.

This article aims to shed light on the perspective of Indian doctors as they navigate the complexities of prescribing generic medicines without sufficient government support and limited patient awareness. This article also tries to shed light on the present scenario of how generic medicines are perceived by patients.

Keywords: Generic Medicine, Quality control, Doctors’ Perspective, Jan Aushadhi, Medical awareness, Govt efforts, WHO, FDA


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