• H. Dureja
  • Anusha ,
  • P. Pandey
  • J. K. Badjatya


Present study was conducted to examine the association of self- medication and health locus of control. It was also intended to know the health problems for which people do self – medication and the medicines which are more often bought by those who do self-medication. Initially a sample of 200 persons was selected on non-random purposive sampling basis and all the people were asked whether they do self-medication? To this 56% of the respondents answered in yes and the rest said no. These one hundred and twelve participants were then administered a specially prepared checklist for self-medication and multidimensional health locus of control scale. Data were analyzed using the descriptive statistics. Multiple regressions were also used to identify the role of health locus of control in self- medication. Results revealed that health locus of control have a significant role in predicting self- medication.

Keywords: Self- medication, health locus of control.


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