Role of mask in COVID-19 pandemic

  • Sangam Biswal DRA
  • Amrish Chandra


Use of face mask is a common practice around the world, especially in countries like China & India. The general public uses a face mask as a measure to prevent breathing in dust or airborne particles. In Covid-19 Pandemic, there has been a debate going on the different type of mask usage or to whether all people should wear mask considering the mask shortage for Health care workers. Public health agencies have advised the general public to use homemade cloth mask when in public and World Health Organization (WHO) have released guidelines on when and which mask to use when taking care of suspected or confirm coronavirus patient. Business and communities have stepped up in providing resources to the health care system to help fight in this pandemic. Many country governments have regulated warning face mask or covering up mouth and nose when in public. Overwhelming Health care system around the world has come up with ways to manage with limited resources. Shortage of mask has led to black marketing and price gouging of this life-saving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Keywords: Face Mask, COVID-19, WHO, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), SARS-CoV-2 virus, N95, Healthcare worker/Caregiver


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